Saturday, January 18, 2014

Day 4 - First comic series you seriously pursued (31 Days of Comics)

That would be Geoff Johns' Green Lantern, starting with Sinestro Corps War. All naturally because of the magnificent first issue of that storyline.

This was bang in the middle of GJ's golden period and it showcased his greatest strengths, writing sophisticated superhero work from plots which a fan would dream up, but making sure it is not immature or in the realms of fan-fiction. This was also before Johns' penchant for gory killings became completely wanton. Have a look at the issue's cliffhanger which set up the storyline, it still makes DC fanboys go squeal. 

Friday, January 10, 2014

Day 3 - Great adaptation or remake of another work (31 Days of Comics)

Now I'm not someone who is usually the greatest fan of an adaptation, I prefer to experience any work in its original form. Nonetheless, that is not to say that I don't enjoy them when they are well. In the field of comics my favourite adaptation would be (perhaps partially because I have not experienced the original source so I did not make any comparisons while reading it) P. Craig Russell's adaptation of The Ring of Nibelung.

Admittedly mostly for Russell's gorgeous art, which I can never get tired, his rendition of Wagner's Norse operas in four volumes is quite a beautiful read. That is not too say the writing is sub-standard, Russell has a clear gift of translating ballads and more into the sequential storytelling page. The comics have their own rhythm and you could almost be swaying your head while turning the pages at times in cadence with the beats of his storytelling. If beautiful art and a classic Norse story is for you, you could do worse than pick this up. Below are a few pages from the first volume. For a little background, the giants have built Valhalla for Voton (Odin) and have come to claim payment from him, his fair sister-in-law. Voton has turned to Loge (Loki, natch) for help in getting out the contract.

Masterclass in diplomacy that ain't

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Day 2 - A comic you recommend to everybody no matter what (31 Days of Comics)

Something which I can recommend to kids and adults alike, and which I am fairly confident they will like? I have just the thing - Young Justice

What is not to like? It's a superhero comic which is funny as hell, with believable and relatable characterisations. And there is Impulse, I dare you to find a human being who is not fond of Impulse. It has that perfect collaboration of writer and artist in Peter David and Todd Nauck which hit all the right beats. And like all good comedies, there is an incredible amount of heart and just the right undercurrent of darkness behind it all. I can probably put this in several categories in this challenge but well, you can see for yourself. Here's a few pages from issue #31, the classic wordless issue which spotlighted all that is awesome about Impulse, which I will humbly put forth as one of the greatest single issues of all time.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Day 1 - Your Favourite Comic (31 Days of Comics)

We start the challenge off with a well, pretty difficult ask. It is really hard to pick a favourite at the drop of a hat, since so much of what I have read I have loved and has touched me in so many different ways that it is next to impossible to start comparing my feelings about one comic to another. Still, after some deliberation, I found my answer, cliched as it is, to what I would think is favourite comic was pretty clear - Sandman

(minor spoilers ahead)

I don't think I need to describe much about Sandman, it is perhaps the definitive pinnacle of the modern age comic, and an argument can be made as to being the pinnacle of the whole medium as well. But this post is not for me to justify why it is so very good, better people than me have put that it into words, should you care to search for them. No, this post is for me to tell why it is my favourite. More than the excellence in writing, the consistently wonderfully evocative artwork, Sandman is at heart a journey I could instantaneously identify, a story of how change is inevitable, and one way or the other, one is compelled to deal with it. I don't think I am alone in feeling like this, it is a very human trait to resist change after all. Despite the protagonists being godlike entities in a high fantasy setting, the oddly personal and human nature of the comic for me meant that the comic resonated with. Of course, Gaiman's remarkable skill with the written and wonderfully imaginative storytelling, a pre-requisite for any fantasy, backed by an array of perfectly chosen artists did not hurt. Sandman was also one of my first non-superhero loves in comics, at a time when I had properly started exploring the medium, and sometimes your first favourites stay with you while the later ones run their course. 

And of course, Sandman's Death is hands down one of the most awesome characters ever. She's alone worth the price of admission. Here's her first appearance.
Not the grimmest of reapers

31 Days of Comics

So here is a little thing. Inspired from Seth Hahne of Good Ok Bad fame, and Brian Cronin's excellent ongoing series on the same over at Comics Should Be Good, this is my humble take on the the 31 Days of Comics challenge. It's a fun away of revisiting the various comics I have read and loved over the last many years (and a good excuse to attempt a return to blogging as well).

Sunday, February 27, 2011


Today I saw this ad and I broke down a little. Didn't see the ending coming really.

It's been a lifelong dream to sing the national anthem on that stage. Because if we do qualify in my lifetime, I don't care if I am old and deaf and blind and can't move. I will somehow drag myself there and I will stand up and sing and revel in the moment. So this ad, corny and outlandish as it may be, is an encapsulation of that dream.

So are we capable? Hell, yes. We are the second most populous nation on Earth, surely we can muster up a football team worthy enough to go. But are we willing? Therein lies the tragedy. We don't really care, at least the ones who are in charge of the sport's future don't really care about it beyond their personal interests. So the infrastructure will remain woefully sub par and the talent will have to forsake the sport for more lucrative means of making a living. But the day it changes, we will make it, that much I am confident of. We made it to the Asian Cup and the players gave their all. No losing team's fans have have so proud of three and four goal thrashings as we were in those three matches. One day it will happen.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Its SF man

Today Sir Loon asked me multiple times whether the bottle(s) in my hands was what he thought it was. Wtf man, what did you think it would have been? I'm highly offended. Really I am. Its SF man